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  •         Privacy and Personal Data

  •         1.1. You grant Nora's Homeware & Interiors permission to access and view the address details you provided. For more information on how we store and handle your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

  •         Payment

  •         2.1. You agree to proceed with the payment for your order using your selected payment method. Please note that Nora's Homeware & Interiors does not have access to your personal payment information.

  •         Delivery and Returns

  •         3.1. You are required to adhere to our Delivery & Returns policies. We strive to offer flexibility in our policies, and you can find detailed information on our website.

  •         Contact Information

  •         4.1. If you have any inquiries regarding Nora's Homeware & Interiors, our products, or an order you have placed, please contact us via email at [email address].

  •         Order Acceptance

  •         5.1. All orders are subject to acceptance and product availability. Acceptance of the order and the completion of the contract between yourself and Nora's Homeware & Interiors will take place when we have dispatched the goods you have ordered and received payment. We reserve the right to reject your order if an item is out of stock, if we are unable to obtain authorization for your payment, or if we identify a product or pricing error. We also reserve the right to reject any offer to purchase by you at any time.

  •         Acknowledgement of Order

  •         6.1. Once you have completed your order, you will receive an email confirming your order. The email will provide details of the products, the cost (excluding shipping and handling charges), and the delivery and invoice information. If your order is unsuccessful, you will be notified of the reason and possible explanations. In case we are unable to fulfill your order after the order acknowledgement, we will contact you by email to inform you.

  •         Our Contract

  •         7.1. A legally binding contract between you and Nora's Homeware & Interiors will be formed when we send you the email confirming the dispatch of the product(s) to you. This email represents our acceptance of the offer you made to purchase the product(s) when you completed your order. If we confirm to you that not all the products you have ordered have been dispatched, those product(s) that have not been dispatched will not form part of our contract with you. In the event of any change, such as a change in price or expected delivery date between the completion of your order and the contract formation, we shall inform you. At that point, you shall have the right to either (i) accept such change (in which case your email reply will represent a new offer that we will accept upon notification of dispatch) or (ii) reject such change (in which case your email reply will represent a withdrawal of your order, or the relevant part of your order, as the case may be).

  •         Who We Are

  •         8.1. Our address is:

  •         Nora's Homeware & Interiors

  •         172 Spittal Hardwick Lane

  •         WF8 1RZ

  •         Availability of Goods and Prices

  •         9.1. All prices indicated for products are in Pounds Sterling, inclusive of VAT (where applicable) at the current rates and are exclusive of delivery charges. The total cost of your order is the price of the products ordered plus any delivery charges as set out in the Delivery & Returns section of the website.

9.2. Nora's Homeware & Interiors strives to provide accurate descriptions and clear product photography on the website. However, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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